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Leaving your keys or garage door remote with a neighbor, relative or friend may have been the way you did it in the past, but what if that person was away, or a storm was on the way, or some other complication? What if you didn't have any of those options to begin with, or want to impose upon a neighbor? 

Surf Site Property Management Keyholder Service is the way to go! If you ever need us to let somebody in or have a key picked up at our office you can do so by contacting us directly.

Keyholder service provides: 

  • Response to a security alarm 24/7
  • Access for emergency repairs
  • Meeting a friend or realtor
  • Access for service people

Just let us know and we will be there!

We only provide Keyholder Services to owners who own within a community managed by Surf Site Property Management.

Interested in Keyholder or one of our other services? Click Here to contact us today!


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