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Surf Site Property Management, a full-service management company located in Neptune City, New Jersey, was formed in 2002 to fill a void in the Community Association Management industry. This void was created as most management companies competed for large associations, not serving small to mid-size clients efficiently, professionally or putting their smaller clients’ specific interests first. This was evident by the high turnover of management companies serving smaller associations from year to year.  

Surf Site Property Management achieved success by consistently providing our clients with a service that is above the industry standard. Our employees take pride in providing service in an ever changing and demanding field. What makes Surf Site Property Management unique in its approach to needs of community associations is its support services. The majority of our staff has walked in your shoes, we've served on our Boards of Directors, we've volunteered countless hours for our own communities. Subsequently, most of our growth has been achieved by way of referrals from satisfied clients, and from other professionals within the industry that we interact with on a daily basis. Today, Surf Site Property Management retains many original client accounts from its inception in 2002.

As each client association comes to Surf Site Property Management, we try to assess, with that association, their major problems, their intended solutions and the priorities in trying to meet these objectives. We have learned that each association is unique and will have its own set of problems that must be treated differently than another association's issues. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients, and in most instances, we have found that good hard work, knowledge, common sense and dedicated supervision will correct many problems. Surf Site Property Management will deliver experience, seek continuing education and retain certification in property management to bring expertise to your community.  

This is just what we do as a collective organization when we work for you. We will offer your association professionalism and candor and will continue to strive to maintain our solid reputation in the industry.

All communities, regardless of size, are given the following personalized administrative and management services:

  • Association Document Analysis
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting 

  • Attendance at Board and Homeowners' Meetings

  • Facilitation of Committee Formation
  • Association Insurance Analysis
  • Community Website Administration
  • Association Budget Preparation
  • Collection Processes and Procedure 
  •  Policy Recommendations 
  •  Rules Enforcement
  •  And more, always customized to your community's needs

The staff of Surf Site Property Management appreciates the opportunity to provide their services in the areas of management, supervision, operations, financial management and administration for your Association. Surf Site Property Management promises to commit our resources and years of experience to serve you, your Board of Directors and association members to the best of our ability. Call us right now at 732-869-4450.

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